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$1000 can provide warmth and light for ten apartments for one month

$500 will pay for Monday night child care

$250 will provide hot baths and showers for one apartment for an entire year

$100 will purchase WiFi so that school work can be completed

$50 provides Case Management for a family

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HEARTH needs your help. 

We are now completely privately funded. We gave up 30% of our revenue in order to stay true to and maintain our mission. We are now the ONLY transitional housing program for women with children in Allegheny County.

Because of YOU… 

YOUR support ensures the families at HEARTH live in a safe environment, where they can focus on educational success while they become economically self-sufficient.

Please give today to ensure families like Tiffany’s continue to have choices they never dreamed possible. You can make your year-end tax deductible donation by sending a check in the enclosed envelope or visiting our website.

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With the help of a caring community, and additional changes we have already begun to make, HEARTH will be here for many years to come, serving homeless families who are fleeing domestic violence!

Most of us make choices every day. We decide which school to attend, where to work, what to eat for dinner, how we spend our time and money … but not everyone has choices.

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany was living in South America where she had a successful marketing career and her own business. She  fell in love, got married and had two children. Her husband’s behavior escalated from verbal abuse to physical violence.

Tiffany’s husband secured employment and moved to the United States. She and her children followed. The children began to fear for their mother’s life. Living in a new country without family or friends, in a completely foreign culture, AND having a medically fragile child, Tiffany felt she had no choice but to stay where she was.

As the abuse escalated, Tiffany realized something had to change. Having recently received her legal documentation to remain in the U.S., Tiffany finally had a choice.  While she gathered a bag of belongings and fled, her friend picked up her children. Once they were safe, Tiffany started to look at options. A week later, she discovered HEARTH.

At HEARTH, for the first time in a long time, Tiffany and her children felt safe. Unfortunately, Tiffany’s husband had controlled their money and had ruined her credit score.  She worked with HEARTH staff to repair her credit and become economically self-sufficient. Now, away from her abuser, Tiffany is free to make choices in the best interest of herself and her children.