New HEARTH Tour Dates

HEARTH has added tour dates through fall!
Please remember to check our Get Involved at HEARTH page for updates!

Thursday, August 16, 2018 @ noon

Monday, August 20, 2018 @ 6pm

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 – noon

Thursday, September 13, 2018 – 6 pm

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 – noon

Monday, October 22, 2018 – 6 pm

Contact Tara Maziarz at least 4 days prior to the selected date to schedule a tour

412-366-9801 ext 13 or 

HEARTH’s D.C. Testimony Covered in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Natalie Bencivenga of the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette covered HEARTH’s involvement with the June 6th House Financial Services Committee meeting in Washington, D.C.

The subcommittee on housing and insurance presented testimony about a legislative proposal to help break down barriers that prevent homeless children and youth from obtaining housing assistance and services through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As a member of the National Coalition for Homelessness Solutions, HEARTH submitted its testimony to U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus, and had those remarks entered into the record.

Click here to read the article.

HEARTH’s ‘Tees & Traps’ Re-scheduled for 7/23/18

Due to inclement weather the HEARTH, ‘Tees & Traps’ outing was re-scheduled for Monday, July 23, 2018. Scheduling for day of remains the same.


Click here to see our event page and make sure to contact Special Events Coordinator, Morgan Ceschini with any questions. 412-366-9801 ext. 12 or

HEARTH’s Spring e-Newsletter

We have some exciting stories in our Spring E-Newsletter!

In this issue:

Check-in with HEARTH’s Executive Director, Judy Eakin for exciting additions to the HEARTH facility!

We have been chosen by a local organization as their beneficiary for a fun kickball tournament! Interested in seeing who chose us?

Last, but not least, we have information on our signature events, volunteer and tour opportunities, and so much more!

You can read all about it here!

HEARTH has been selected by The Pittsburgh Foundation as part of their “Critical Needs Alert, Day of Giving!”

HEARTH has been selected by
The Pittsburgh Foundation as part of their “Critical Needs Alert, Day of Giving!”

This means that on May 1,2018, all donations made between 8 am and 11:59 pm through The Pittsburgh Foundation’s website ( will be matched from a pro-rated pool! This year the “Critical Need” is food insecurity. Check back on our website and social media over the coming week for more information!

Sandcastle tickets for HEARTH!

HEARTH’s open letter to Snapchat

An open letter to Snapchat,

This week HEARTH has been busy preparing for our fundraiser, ‘Hops for HEARTH.’ This event is put on by our Associate Board, a group of passionate and dedicated young professionals from the Greater Pittsburgh Area. This enthusiastic group of volunteers keeps HEARTH moving forward with the times, specifically utilizing various social media platforms to spread our message, “A Safe Place Matters.” HEARTH staff, our Board of Directors, and our Associate Board were absolutely appalled when we woke up this past Friday to see the news regarding Snapchat’s inability to police their ads. HEARTH was hoping that more than an apology would have been done by now. We will not be using a Snapchat filter or their app at this Friday’s event.

HEARTH takes this negligence very seriously. The ad for the new “Would You Rather” app, which referenced the 2009 domestic violence case regarding Rihanna and Chris Brown should have never made it past Snapchat’s screening process. We are asking that Snapchat work with agencies that serve domestic violence survivors to re-evaluate acceptable terms used in this process in accordance with those organizations’ verbiage. A public apology is not enough; apologies are what domestic violence victims hear from their abusers every day. HEARTH calls on Snapchat to do more. “Snap Chat reaches and has influence over a lot of young teens and adults so they should know better than to send out such a terrible message with that ad” – Kristen Moss, HEARTH Associate Board Secretary.

We ask that Snapchat recognize this egregious error by donating to and supporting causes that aid domestic violence victims. There are a plethora of measures we ask Snapchat take to become a leader in the fight for domestic violence survivors:

  1. Set up a scholarship fund that helps prior victims apply for and enter schooling or job training.
  2. Free advertisement for organizations like HEARTH that build up survivors.
  3. Partner with organizations on their social media platforms on key messages geared at eliminating the stigma many survivors face as well as promoting next steps for survivors once they leave their abuser.

“Mistakes happen. This “Would You Rather” ad was obviously a mistake.  BUT, an apology is not enough.  We call on Snapchat to back up their words with actions – support survivors of Domestic Violence and give this subject the dignity it deserves”  – Judith Eakin, HEARTH executive director.

Most importantly, we also ask that they refuse to support the “Would You Rather” app, their developers, and those associated in the future.  “Domestic violence is not funny.  It is never okay to hurt another person and it is never appropriate to position a prior domestic violence situation as a joke in a game” – Mike DiChiazza, HEARTH President, Board of Directors.

HEARTH would like to thank Rihanna for standing up to Snapchat and for continuing to support and bring light to other domestic violence survivors like the women living at HEARTH. It is very easy to talk the talk, but we have found it is much harder for companies like Snapchat to walk the walk. We hope that Snapchat will take our outrage as a community seriously and strive to support causes that improve the lives of women, not further endanger them.

Hops for HEARTH tickets still available!

Hops for HEARTH presented by:
Federal Home Loan Bank Pittsburgh

March, 23, 2018

 Ticket sale exclusive!

Regular Admission 7-9:30
$40 per person

VIP Admission
$60 per person
VIP HOUR: 6-7 pm

Enjoy exclusive beers when you become a Hops for HEARTH VIP.

Come enjoy Hops for HEARTH at our brand new location!

100 S Commons Suite 102, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

*online payment totals include additional fees for service
Registrants may enter at will call. No tickets will be mailed.

Did you miss us in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette?

HEARTH’s the Art of Wine & Food was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette by Natalie Bencivenga.

Take a look at their coverage by clicking here.


Facility Tour Dates added

Interested in learning more about HEARTH and our facility?
Schedule a tour on one of the following dates!

Thursday, March 8th @ 6 PM

Tuesday, March 20th @ Noon

Tuesday, April 10th @ 6 PM

Thursday, April 26th @ Noon

 Contact Tara Maziarz at least 4 days prior to the selected date to schedule a tour

412-366-9801 ext 13 or