Residents the opportunity for
    Dignity, and
    Economic stability

HEARTH’s PRIDE Program was in effect from
November 1, 2009-October 31, 2017.
As of November 1, 2017 it will no longer be in effect. 

Those looking for permanent supportive housing should contact Allegheny Link
www.alleghenylink.org/ or call 866-730-2368

HEARTH’s PRIDE program consists of six scattered site apartments throughout Northern Allegheny County, and serves as a second step for Program Participants leaving HEARTH’s HOMES program. Created in 2009, Program Participants are still working toward independence and self-sufficiency while receiving the services offered by HEARTH.

While most of the families in HEARTH’s PRIDE program have come through HEARTH’s HOMES program, not all families have to have come through HOMES. As long as a family is experiencing homelessness, are survivors of domestic violence, have a physical or metal health disability and are willing to work toward independence and self-sufficiency, they would qualify for HEARTH’s PRIDE Program.