2014 Dreammakers

Dreammakers are individuals or companies whose monetary donations to HEARTH have reached $10,000. We are so thankful for this year’s Dreammakers. Your contribution makes a huge difference to us, and goes a long way to reaching our goals.


Debbie Flinner of TriState Capital Bank 

TriState Capital Bank first became involved with HEARTH through The Art of Wine & Food and Golf as a sponsor in 2009. What has kept the bank involved with the agency over the years? HEARTH’s mission -we believe that the mission to help families who are in distress will benefit them as well as the community.

It is truly an honor for TriState Capital Bank to be a Dreammaker. Their support of HEARTH means that a mother will be able to become financially and economically self-sufficient and therefore, be able to provide for her family. Support also means that HAERTH will be able to offer programs, resources and additional services needed to assist the families.

Helping just one family overcome financial and family obstacles as well as homelessness is why we continue to provide financial support – helping families become independent and self-supporting.



“Pat & I are honored to be recognized for our support, but feel that the real Dreammakers are the staff, volunteers and the women in the program themselves,” Gayle stated about being a Dreammaker, “This program is a perfect example of how people working together and caring can make such a positive contribution to a huge problem like homelessness,” she continued, “We feel lucky and blessed to be part of it.”

Gayle and her family have been involved with HEARTH for almost 20 years, beginning her volunteer time through ASID through furnishing the agency’s former home, Benedictine Place. When her initial contact to the agency, Joanne Noyes moved from Pittsburgh, Gayle continued her work with the staff, ASID members (including Lisa Kamphaus & Kathy Stewart), vendors and volunteers to furnish and environment that the women and children at HEARTH could feel comfortable in.

Alan Bicker of First National Bank 

In 2012, First National Bank purchased Parkvale Bank, who had been a huge supporter of HEARTH. After attending the agency’s Sponsorship Lunch and discovering more of what HEARTH actually does, Alan Bicker, Regional Banking Director, was touched by the wonderful services the agency provides and the uplifting stories of what HEARTH has done to improve the lives of our Program Participants. Willing to continue the relationship, First National Bank sponsored The Art of Wine and Food as well as Hops for HEARTH that year.

Mr. Bicker said, “First National Bank is very glad that we can support members of our Western Pennsylvania Community that are in need and we are honored to be recognized for our contributions. As a life – long resident of the community, I feel very proud that we have a great organization like HEARTH providing a safety net for those in need. First National Bank recently moved its headquarters to Pittsburgh, and we want to help organizations like yours that strengthen our community.”


Barb Smith. The Tunney’s became involved with HEARTH because of Barb Smith. Their daughters were friends and Deirdre saw in Barb how much passion she had for the agency and knew it was a great place for her family to support. Feeling single moms were an under – served group and understanding the need to break the cycle HEARTH aligned with what the Tunney’s believed. Deirdre said, “HEARTH takes what I think of as a holistic approach to addressing the issues – the fact that it combines housing – along with advocacy with a focus on education was unique in my mind.

But when the Tunney’s learned about the situation of HEARTH losing their home at Benedictine Place, they were blown away by what the agency was able to accomplish. Purchasing land, renovating a building, providing a strategic move to ensure the future of the agency enforced their support. Deirdre added, “ I feel happy and blessed to be fortunate enough to support such a great organization.”


HEARTH’s dedication to the women and children of Pittsburgh and their comprehensive approach to addressing and preventing homelessness is something that Buck Consultants believe in and see as making a true difference in our city. HEARTH is special and it is our pleasure to be able to do our small part in supporting the organizations mission.

Maranie Staab of Buck Consultants said, “It is an honor and privilege to be able to do a small part in supporting such a great organization; HEARTH has and continues to make a direct, positive impact in the lives of women and children every day. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to continuing to support HEARTHs’ efforts.”