November is Homelessness Awareness Month and HEARTH Needs YOU!


Homelessness Awareness Month 2018

We need your help to spread the word about HEARTH and how we are impacting homelessness in          Allegheny County.  Join us and others by getting involved this November in helping to make a change in the community you live in! By working together, you are helping to provide the families at HEARTH the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their children. Below are some ways to get involved, but we are happy to talk about other ideas! Everyone who signs up to support will be mentioned on our  website to help promote your efforts!

  • Employee Volunteering: Does your employer offer volunteer opportunities? We work with different companies to have groups of employees come in to help garden, paint an apartment, organize the HEARTH store or other maintenance needs onsite!
  • Corporate Fundraisers: We can help to determine what would work best for your office or group. Some examples include: Bake sales, selling HEARTH logo cut-outs, dress down day, reach out to vendors for support and pot lock. Funds can be used to:
  1. Provide WiFi for one family to be able to do school work- $100
  2. Provide hot baths and showers for one family for an entire year- $250
  3. Provide Monday night childcare so all our moms can learn a new life skill in their Monday night meetings –$500
  4. Provide warmth & Light for ten apartments for one month- $1,000
  • HEARTH’s HOME Amazon Wish List: Search for HEARTH in the list section of Amazon and check back often as we continuously update this list with much needed items for HEARTH.
  • United Way: Does your organization work with United Way? Consider HEARTH for your charity donations. Our UWCC # – 3384
  • Food pantry: HEARTH addresses food insecurity by providing families with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and non-perishable food items. We partner with many groups and individuals to help put together snack packs, meals in a jar, crockpot ready recipes and much more!
  • Employee Matching Gifts: Many companies not only encourage their employees to give to and volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities, but also will match those efforts with dollars and other means of support.
  • Third Party Fundraising: Organizations are providing opportunities to help fundraise for HEARTH. Some examples include: Organizing a 5K event, hosting happy hours, Theme Party/Dinner, Game Night and more.

Interested in learning more ways to get involved or having us come speak at your next meeting?

Reach out to Jessica Monahan, Development Director at or
Morgan Ceschini, Special Events and Development Coordinator at