A Grandmother’s Story.

Hi I’m Tricia. For the last two years I have been raising my granddaughter because my daughter is battling opioid addiction. For years my husband was verbally abusive towards me, but with the added stress of everything, he got even worse. One day he hit me. I was responsible for my granddaughter now and this precious child was at risk. With her future at stake, I finally found the strength to leave my own toxic situation.

My first days at HEARTH were a complete breath of fresh air.

At first it was very difficult for me to open up to the staff and other women at the facility. I was the only grandmother there. What I found in the first few weeks was support … from everyone! They provided everything I needed to rebuild my life.

At an age when so many people are retiring, I had to get a job. Thanks to HEARTH’s program and their encouragement, I was able to follow my passion … cooking.

I enrolled in culinary school and completed it in just a few months. Now I work at a trendy restaurant and absolutely love it. I never imagined myself saying that! I’ve also purchased my very own home. It’s small but it’s mine! My ailing mother now lives with me and my granddaughter, and we all feel secure. HEARTH has literally affected several generations of my family.

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$1000 can provide warmth and light for sixteen apartments for one month

$500 will pay for Monday night child care

$250 will provide hot baths and showers for one apartment for an entire year

$100 will purchase WiFi so that school work can be completed

$50 provides Case Management for a family

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Tools for building a new life. 

HEARTH gave me the tools to be the best person and grandmother I could be! We had access to on-site food and clothing pantries, a laundry facility, child care, technology, and most importantly, one-on-one support from the direct services coordinator!

I am living proof that you can change your life for the better at any age. I wish there were more places like HEARTH, helping women who come from traumatic situations. They gave me confidence that I never knew I had. My hope now is that every woman needing to escape a bad situation would receive the care and concern that HEARTH gave to me and my family.

As I look toward the end of the year and everything I’ve accomplished, I ask you to please help other families living at HEARTH! If you are already a donor, I just want to say thank you for changing my family’s life! Your gift means the world to me, and to all of the future generations that you will help.

Your support ensures the families at HEARTH live in a safe environment, where they can focus on educational success while they become economically self-sufficient.

Please give today to ensure families like Tricia’s continue to have choices they never dreamed possible. You can make your year-end tax deductible donation by sending a check in the enclosed envelope or visiting our website.

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With the help of a caring community, and additional changes we have already begun to make, HEARTH will be here for many years to come, serving homeless families who are survivors of domestic violence or trauma!