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HEARTH Welcomes Marisa C. Williams – Our New CEO!

HEARTH is very excited to welcome Marisa Williams to our team as HEARTH’s next CEO. Marisa’s reputation precedes her. She is well rounded and will bring a fresh new perspective to HEARTH as we move into the future.  She is a person who cares about elevating people in her community to succeed, whether that be clients or staff. She also brings expertise in relationship management, which will be helping HEARTH to navigate new and existing relationships within our community, thus helping us to open new doors for our clients. We are very excited to have her joining us!

Thank you to all of our #ONEDAY Donors!

When you donate through The Pittsburgh Foundation on Wednesday, August 19th, your donation will be matched from a pro-rated pool. New HEARTH donors will also be matched 2:1 from our anonymous donor!
Go to www.pittsburghgives.org/hearthpgh on August 19th to give!
*Donations of $25-$1,000 will be matched by The Pittsburgh Foundation

HEARTH’s CEO, Judy Eakin is retiring

HEARTH would like to announce the well deserved retirement of our CEO, Judy Eakin. Judy will be retiring on October 2, 2020. She has been HEARTH’s CEO for 24 of our 25 years.

We want to ensure that our supporters know this was not a spur of the moment decision. Judy has been planning and discussing her retirement with HEARTH’s Board of Directors and HEARTH’s staff members for over 12 months. We have put a very thoughtful and detailed plan into place for the CEO transition.

HEARTH’s COVID-19 Response/Needs

In response to COVID-19 we are grateful to everyone who has asked how they can help the families at HEARTH! Here are a few things that you can do, click this post to see a larger list!
1. We are only accepting in-kind donations from delivery services (i.e. Instant Cart, Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) you can use these services to donate to the families at HEARTH! Contact dbtroy@hearth-bp.org for shipping details.
2. Food for our food pantry – types of food are listed in this post
3. Oral or Ear thermometers
4. New games and craft activities for kids
5. You can also donate funds to assist our families and we will order for you! Click here to donate

Highmark Walk is now VIRTUAL – Walk for healthy community and for HEARTH!

The Highmark Walk is still happening with one small change… it’s VIRTUAL!
Message from Highmark: “Out of an abundance of caution, and for the protection and safety of our Walk participants and volunteers, the difficult decision has been made to modify all seven 2020 Highmark Walks for a Healthy Community to an online only fundraiser and virtual walk for this year’s campaign.”

HEARTH’s Message to our Supporters: HEARTH encourages you to walk for a healthy community from the comfort of your own neighborhoods while practicing safe social distances.  Help us spread awareness by taking photos or a video of you walking and post it on our Facebook event page.
*Please remember to tag us in photos of your virtual walk using @hearthpgh, #hearthpgh, #highmarkwalkhearth, #highmarkwalk

The Second Pillar of HEARTH

The second pillar of HEARTH  is, supportive services!
What does that mean?

HEARTH’s transitional housing model provides on-site services through a facility-based program, which means that mom can focus on her education, parenting, and life skills training while she and her children work to overcome their trauma. During the next three months we will highlight many of these services and the volunteers and staff who maintain them!

Hops for HEARTH Silent Auction is now CLOSED!

Thank you to all of our auction donors and bidders!
We will notify you if you won a silent auction package via text. We will notify you when you can come to HEARTH to pick-up your items, this date will be determined as COVID-19 information is updated. If there are time sensitive materials such as tickets in your package, those will be mailed to you right away. If you have any questions, please contact Morgan at mlceschini@hearth-bp.org