HEARTH at Benet Woods is a partnership between HEARTH and Trek Development.

Management Office (412) 415-3741
4453 – 4503 Rodenbaugh Road | Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Affordable Housing in Allegheny County

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An investment in families

HEARTH at Benet Woods is a $2.8 million development that provides attractive, permanent, affordable rental housing below market rates for working individuals and families who earn incomes in the approximate range of $25,000-$38,000.

Benet Woods is the first permanent affordable family housing development in Northern Allegheny County, located on Rodenbaugh Road in Ross Township, adjacent to HEARTH’s previous location at Benedictine Place. It features eleven 2 and 3 bedroom duplexes, two of which are handicap accessible, and there is a community center.

An investment in the community

HEARTH at Benet Woods offers the opportunity for families to succeed and grow financially, allows for families to remain in the same community, and for children to receive a quality education in a reputable school district. Its residents can become engaged in a community as invested citizens, voters and taxpayers.

Families and individuals can live in a safe, attractive home, in a convenient location near transportation and shopping. Residents can utilize the property amenities and the community benefits from the additional revenue generated by the property taxes.

An opportunity for you to get involved

HEARTH at Benet Woods is a part of your community. You can be a part of its Mission and Vision of safe and affordable housing for every individual and family.

Invite a HEARTH representative to speak to your civic clubs, school and church organizations, professional groups and other venues to learn about HEARTH and its programs.

Give or secure donations and in-kind contributions to help make affordable housing a reality now and in the years to come.

Join in volunteer opportunities for individuals, teens and families.

Board of Directors

Steve Cupcheck
RSSC Architecture

Arlene B. Grubbs, MSW, ACSW
Community Volunteer

Dani J. Kazienko, JD, MBA

Sitko Bruno, LLC

Barb Smith

Community Volunteer

Brenda Wells
PA Housing Finance Agency, retired

Judith E. Eakin, MSW
Executive Director – HEARTH