Cindy L’s Story

In many neighborhoods, there are now former Benedictine Place residents who have met the challenge, faced their hardships squarely, changed their lives, and are now successful, contributing members to society. One of many success stories, Cindy L. came to Benedictine Place with four children, desperate to provide a better life for them. One of her sons balked at the idea of “living in a shelter.” He chose to live with his father instead. The other three children adjusted quickly and grew to appreciate the care and concern that is so evident at Benedictine Place.

Even though Cindy had completed some nurse’s training 16 years earlier, she knew that to be a viable employee, she needed to update her skills. Benedictine Place gave her the opportunity to do that. After eight months, Cindy had finished her training and was eager to get her children established in a good school district in the North Hills.

“Benedictine Place gave me back a sense of worth and security. In addition to helping me to return to school, the emotional support they provided me was a blessing.” The success story continues now that Cindy has recently been promoted to RN supervisor in the hospital where she works. Not only is she a valuable member of society, but Cindy now returns the favor to the community by helping others as much as possible through her job and her everyday life.