First Sip Brew Box and Lincoln Avenue Brewery are collaborating for HEARTH!

First Sip Brew Box Facilitates HEARTH 25th Anniversary Beer Collaboration with
Lincoln Avenue Brewery

First Sip Brew Box is at the epicenter creating a platform for change with businesses in the craft beer industry.

Check out Morgan’s interview with First Sip Brew Box on ‘The Daily Sip’ here! 

First Sip Brew Box has announced a special collaboration with HEARTH and Lincoln Avenue Brewery, located in Bellevue. They are facilitating a 25th Anniversary beer for HEARTH as we celebrate 25 years of serving our community. The beer will be in conjunction with our 10th annual Hops For HEARTH event!

This beer collaboration is the first of its kind. The goal is to build awareness around the mission and services provided by HEARTH.

“We are excited to put this collaboration together with HEARTH and Lincoln Avenue Brewery using Pittsburgh’s craft beer industry as a catalyst for helping the community.” – Dennis Guy of First Sip Brew Box

This collaboration beer will be presented exclusively at the 10th annual Hops For HEARTH on Friday, March 20th, 2020 located at Nova Place on the North Side for craft beer drinkers to experience. A select few of Pittsburgh’s libations spots will also have this brew on draft. First Sip Brew Box’s vision is also to connect with local artists to create visual works to showcase the internal struggle we all have communicating with each other around topics like domestic violence. The works of art will be auctioned off at the Hops for HEARTH event to help raise funds for our program!

CNC (Custom ‘N Craft) Malting Co. is a craft local malt house located north of Pittsburgh in Butler County has agreed to donate all the malt needed to brew this collaboration beer.

This Collaboration will be featured in a First Sip Brew Box filled will exclusive merchandise commemorating the collaboration and the event. “The best friend of a small business is another small business,” says Dennis Guy, CEO at First Sip Brew Box. “This collaboration is yet another example of how craft beer is a pillar of the community and goes beyond just good beer.” says Dennis Guy, CEO at First Sip Brew Box.

“There is no power for change greater than a community coming together to support one another.” Says Morgan Ceschini, HEARTH’s Special Events and Development Coordinator.
“Pittsburgh’s beer world has supported HEARTH thru Hops for HEARTH for the past 9 years, raising over $150,000.00 to support survivors of domestic violence. This collaboration is the icing on the craft beer cake! We couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate our 10th Hops than with this special beer!” Says Ceschini.

*The beer style, name and brew date are TBD and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for Hops for HEARTH are on sale now, This year’s Hops for HEARTH is celebrating 10 years of bringing craft beer to the people in addition to HEARTH’s agency 25th anniversary. This year there is a special honorary committee comprised of former Hops for HEARTH Chairpersons, Chris Borsoni, Tiffany Martin, and Lisa Fox.

About First Sip Brew Box: First Sip Brew Box is a husband and wife small business that partners with craft breweries and their teams every month to bring you unique beer gear. First Sip then takes it one step further and collaborates with diverse small businesses that make items out of beer!