Food Pantry

The Food Pantry at HEARTH is always open for Program Participants and their families. The pantry is meant for supplement food, not for complete grocery shopping. It’s a place families can go when they run out of items while cooking.

Who Stocks the Food Pantry?

Our main drive is held on Super Bowl Sunday. WYEP holds an “Alternate Souper Bowl” at the main library in Oakland. Admission for this event is to bring non-perishable food items for HEARTH.

Spark of Hope, through St. Vincent DePaul, is delivered to the pantry every Thursday. This delivery consists of donations of produce and baked goods from local groceries stores as they make room for new items at the store.

If we run short on items, we’ll hold a drive but this isn’t a typical situation.

Can I Bring in Items for your Pantry?

The events listed above keep the pantry pretty well stocked but if HEARTH is ever in need of a drive, we will post it to our website, and mention it in our Newsletter.