The Garden

Nine large garden plots have been created for our families to share. Gardening is so much more than just growing plants. For some, our community garden offers the first time they are able to enjoy the bonding experience of planting a seed and watching it grow.

The children learn to be a part of something that not only teaches them responsibility, but helps them understand the connection between caring and nurturing for plants, being there to see how they grow and reaping the rewards of a job well done. They learn:

  • Where food comes from
  • Practical math skills
  • Basic business principles
  • The importance of community and stewardship
  • Issues of environmental sustainability
  • Job and life skills
  • How to eat healthy

Gardening is good for the environment as plants are effective air cleaners, absorbing carbon dioxide and air pollutants. It’s good for the mind and body, as well as a great form of exercise, reducing stress and other added health benefits, bringing people closer to nature. Growing green is not a new concept, but people are realizing that the benefits of growing their own food is healthier, as they know exactly the quality of what they are eating.

All of these benefits of gardening are taught to the Program Participants at HEARTH. There is a level of self satisfaction, and gardening is an art form, and for some, may even become a lifetime hobby and interest.