HEARTH’s 2015 Dreammakers

The volunteers and staff of HEARTH would like to thank the 2015 Dreammakers listed below for their part in making the dreams of families experiencing homelessness come true.

An individual or an organization that has donated a cumulative amount of $10,000 or more becomes a “Dreammaker” for HEARTH.

Allegheny Financial Group: Allegheny Financial Group said this about becoming a Dreammaker, “It is a great honor to support such a fantastic agency that is truly making the difference in these families’ lives. Providing funds is one thing, but carrying out the dream is what HEARTH does every day.” The company was drawn to HEARTH after learning about the agency’s philosophy of helping Program Participants help themselves and that their successes contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. That through their mission, the cycle of homelessness is broken when children see their parent succeed.

The Grable Foundation: The Grable Foundation partners with organizations that support children and youth. HEARTH’s dedication to provide housing and other services for families experiencing homelessness fits well with Grable’s mission. HEARTH continues to meet an important need in our county, offering a lifeline to families in crisis. The Grable Foundation is honored to play a role in HEARTH’s work over time, helping them develop renewed hope for their own lives and futures. The foundation is grateful for all those who have offered their time and resources to help HEARTH continue to provide vital services for women and children in our region.

Northern Allegheny Rotary Club: Through networking and connecting, the Northern Allegheny Rotary Club began donating to HEARTH in 2004. After hearing and learning more about what the agency does and their dedication to provide families, “hand up not a hand out”, the Club knew they needed to support the agency right in their backyard. Since that time, their support of HEARTH has grown. The Club now comes every Holiday season to run the Santa Shoppe so the kids at HEARTH can give their family members fabulous gifts to open. Not only that, but Wayne Skelley, our Maintenance Director, roped them into refurbishing our Pavilion, which now serves as a picnic area and gardening space for our families.

Sylvia and Martin Snow Charitable Foundation Fund:
 After touring the agency’s new facility, speaking with HEARTH’s staff and hearing the families speak so highly of the opportunity that was being offered to them, the Sylvia and Martin Snow Charitable Foundation Fund wanted nothing more than to support a mission so unique and inspiring. The Fund is proud to be associated with a strong agency that has a significant commitment from its clients and donors, as well as a dedicated staff and board.