HEARTH’s CEO, Judy Eakin is retiring

HEARTH would like to announce the well deserved retirement of our CEO, Judy Eakin. Judy will be retiring on October 2, 2020. She has been HEARTH’s CEO for 24 of our 25 years.

We want to ensure that our supporters know this was not a spur of the moment decision. Judy has been planning and discussing her retirement with HEARTH’s Board of Directors and HEARTH’s staff members for over 12 months. We have put a very thoughtful and detailed plan into place for the CEO transition.

HEARTH has hired Nonprofit Talent to conduct the search for the new CEO. They are working with a search committee comprised of key HEARTH volunteers, which include members of the Board of Directors, Emeritus Board, and Young Professionals Board.

Nonprofit Talent will be posting the position tomorrow. To view their website, please click here.