Jackie H’s Story

Jackie entered Benedictine Place with a three-month-old daughter. She had been referred
to Benedictine Place by the staff at Genesis, a residential place that provides alternatives to abortion. “It was quite an adjustment coming to the security of Benedictine Place,” relates Jackie. “Food would be delivered to my door. Their support emotionally and financially helped me to get back on my feet and feel secure while rebuilding my life. Sure they had rules and regulations, but the least one can do is respect them, considering all that is done for the residents.” She is eager to proclaim to anyone who will listen how thankful she is for what Benedictine Place has done. Jackie’s success story is as uplifting as so many others who have benefited from Benedictine Place. Since she has left there, she has completed a degree as an EMT. “I have a house, a new car, and a job with full benefits. I can’t say enough good things about what Benedictine Place has helped me to achieve.”