Jerry Drozynski Elected as Chairperson for Homeless Advisory Board

Jerry Drozynski, HEARTH’s board president, was elected the Chairperson of the Allegheny County Homeless Alliance Advisory Board for 2008-2010. The Homeless Alliance Advisory Board is a public/private partnership formed to assist Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the City of McKeesport and the Municipality of Penn Hills in reviewing public policy, programs, activities, data and all other efforts that will eliminate homelessness and improve the well being of homeless persons and families. Membership is now by appointment of the Allegheny County Director of the Department of Human Services and is comprised of 31 representatives from a broad spectrum, including the foundation, academic and business communities and the homeless provider community. The Board has two primary responsibilities: 1) execution of the 10-yr plan to end chronic homelessness or “unsheltered”, and 2) oversee/advise the completion of our annual HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) application. While this is a different homeless population from the women and children that HEARTH serves, the HUD CoC application consolidates the requests of 38 homeless service providers which HEARTH is one of. In recent years, HUD has provided about $140,000, or 1/3 of our budget, to HEARTH.