Mandy’s Story

“Benedictine Place gave me hope. The excellent program taught me how to be self-sufficient and gave me avenues to help myself,” says Mandy. During the year and a half that Mandy spent at Benedictine Place, she was able to develop a sense of worth, while learning about the community to which she would eventually contribute.

When asked how she now contributes to that community, her words were confident and pleasing. “I now pay taxes rather than depending upon welfare to help me. I have all the tools I need to care for myself. I’m now a benefit to the community rather than a hindrance and much of the credit goes to the staff at Benedictine Place, who gave their blood and sweat to help me.” Mandy was proud to relate that the tools she was given while living at Benedictine Place have become a definite part of her. “I still incorporate everything I learned there into my job. In fact, I’m the editor of the newsletter at my job site now.”