Thank you to all of our #ONEDAY Donors!

Thank you to all who donated to HEARTH through The Pittsburgh Foundation’s critical needs alert, #ONEDAY!
Thanks to our generous supporters, HEARTH raised over $42,000! This amount will be matched at $0.41 to the dollar! To see our #ONEDAY profile – click here .

The COVID-19 crisis has been difficult for everyone, but it has been especially challenging for single parents. Anna moved to HEARTH last spring and she and her children were thriving. School, work, therapy, they were moving right along in HEARTH’s program… then COVID-19 happened. Thankfully Anna was able to have the support of HEARTH staff to work through her challenges and quickly adapt to the ever changing environment. She juggled being furloughed, helping her children with remote learning, going back to work, finding child care, and figuring out how to make sure she and her children stayed safe. HEARTH and their gracious supporters were able to provide she and her children as well as the other families at HEARTH important supplies, technology for remote learning, and direct support via Zoom to work through all their challenges.