First Sip Brew Box and Lincoln Avenue Brewery are collaborating for HEARTH!

First Sip Brew Box Facilitates HEARTH 25th Anniversary Beer Collaboration with Lincoln Avenue Brewery First Sip Brew Box is at the epicenter creating a platform for change with businesses in the craft beer industry. First Sip Brew Box has announced a special collaboration with HEARTH and Lincoln Avenue Brewery, located in Bellevue. They are facilitating a 25th Anniversary beer for HEARTH as we celebrate 25 years of serving our community. The beer will be in conjunction with our 10th annual Hops For HEARTH event! This beer collaboration is the first of its kind. The goal is to build awareness around the mission and services provided by HEARTH. 

HEARTH's 19th annual 'Art of Wine & Food' is looking for committee members!

Interested in joining HEARTH's 'Art of Wine & Food' committee? E-mail Morgan at

HEARTH's new Q&A - Eavesdropping

HEARTH is pleased to introduce a new column called Eavesdropping. We hope this will address any questions that people may have about our program and issues that our clients face. T We hope you will join in by sending us your questions, comments, critiques, new resources, and ideas.  Send your input to

The 4 Pillars of HEARTH

As we prepared for our 25th anniversary, we started to re-think how to describe our program. HEARTH is very unique with many moving pieces. This means we needed to develop a clear way to explain what exactly our program does for homeless women with children.  This led us to the four Pillars of HEARTH.