Donate to HEARTH this spring.

HEARTH relies on volunteers and donors to provide care for our families.

$1000 can provide warmth and light for ten apartments for one month

$500 will pay for Monday night child care

$250 will provide hot baths and showers for one apartment for an entire year

$100 will purchase WiFi so that school work can be completed

$50 provides Case Management for a family

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Dante’s True Story

“I used to be scared all the time. My daddy was always mad at mommy and me, and sometimes he hit us. I was hungry a lot. Mommy cried sometimes when daddy wasn’t home. I didn’t like school very much because I was sleepy. I didn’t fit in with my friends; they had nice families.

One day I came home from school and mommy said we are leaving today. She took us to a shelter. We lived with some other families but nobody hit or yelled, so it was okay. Then we came to HEARTH where I live right now. I have my own bed and there is food in our kitchen. The people at HEARTH are so nice; I feel safe and warm in my bed at night.

I like going to school now, too, because my belly doesn’t grumble and I’m not sleepy. I got an “A”on my math test today. I wish we could stay here forever.”

Will you help kids like Dante continue to grow?

A parent or child worried about where their next meal will come from is called food insecurity. Safety includes knowing you will have food. HEARTH addresses this basic issue with amenities like our food pantry and community garden to make sure no family at HEARTH goes hungry.

Please give today to ensure kids like Dante continue to grow. You can make your tax deductible donation by donating through The Pittsburgh Foundation for the May 1 match, sending a check to HEARTH  or visiting our website.

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Our families don’t stay at HEARTH forever, but the security, safety, and tools we give them last a lifetime!