The Second Pillar of HEARTH

As many of you are aware, HEARTH is celebrating our 25th anniversary serving the community! As we looked back on the organizations history and looked to the future, we realized we needed a clear way to explain how we serve families. We have developed the Four Pillars of HEARTH. This is an easy way for our supporters to explain to others what we do!

This year we will take the time to delve into each pillar. Our goal is to present you with quarterly information on each of these topics. This will help us to reminisce on our past and look to our future.

The second pillar of HEARTH  is, supportive services!
What does that mean?

HEARTH’s transitional housing model provides on-site services through a facility-based program, which means that mom can focus on her education, parenting, and life skills training while she and her children work to overcome their trauma. During the next three months we will highlight many of these services and the volunteers and staff who maintain them!

*Each Quarter we will delve deeper into each pillar, highlighting how that topic pertains to the families at HEARTH. The first quarter looked at housing. The next two quarters will be economic self-sufficiency, followed by relationships.