About our Transitional Housing Program

When families come to HEARTH, we help them to become independent and economically self-sufficient with many supportive services, resources, case management and other support services needed.

The families we serve must be:

  • Caring for one to four children up to age 18
  • Motivated to become self-sufficient
  • Committed to completing an educational program
  • Free of substance abuse for 120 days before enrolling
  • Willing to abide by HOMES Program expectations
  • All teenage children must be attending high school full time to live at HOMES

What families agree to do:

  • Follow program guidelines to become economically self-sufficient
  • Pay a program fee equal to 30 percent of adjusted income
  • Take care of their own food, clothing, tuition, cleaning, and child-care needs
  • Attend an educational program
  • Address any issues that would interfere with obtaining or retaining employment
  • To find out if HEARTH is right for your family or someone you know, call HEARTH’s Program Director at (412) 366-9801 x16.

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HEARTH provides:

  • Safe, affordable housing in 20 furnished, two- and three-bedroom apartments
  • Access to resources that help Program Participants complete educational programs
  • Weekly case management meetings to set goals and coordinate resources
  • Weekly personal growth meetings to teach self-sufficiency skills referrals to services such as counseling, child care, and substance abuse support
  • A suburban setting with access to city and county services

Community support has always created the quality of life for families we serve by providing:

  • Primary and secondary education in a local school district
  • Services including tutoring, haircuts, and computer assistance donated by private individuals
  • Goods such as clothing, food, household supplies, personal care items, and gifts donated by private individuals
  • Tickets to recreational, cultural, and sporting events donated by businesses and organizations