Volunteer Spotlight – Meghan McLachlan

Meghan McLachlan is a familiar face at HEARTH. She has volunteered in a variety of ways, from helping out at our special events to being a mainstay during Monday night child care, she is always willing to lend a helping hand. Our kids think she’s the best and so does the HEARTH staff! We caught up with Meghan to find out why she continues volunteering at HEARTH!

What motivated you to volunteer with HEARTH?
I used to volunteer with kids in college and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to get back into it! 

What makes this volunteer experience meaningful to you?
I love getting to know the kids while their mothers are going through training, and I also love that HEARTH helps women and families get back on their feet. 

What is the biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer with HEARTH?
Getting to hang out with the kids for an hour is so much fun. They teach me things like how to floss (the dance –not dental hygiene!) and they also make me laugh. No matter how I’m feeling when I get to HEARTH, I always end up leaving with a smile on my face. 

What is the most memorable moment or accomplishment of your volunteer experience?
Sometimes HEARTH employees will let me know how past residents are doing and it always makes me happy to hear they are doing well and leading a healthy life.