Young Professionals Board Members

Stephanie Bachman, CPA
Oakland Catholic High School

Molly Burke Allwein, LSW
University of Pittsburgh

Brandon Baldauf
Guthrie, Belczyk & Associates, P.C

Megan Borowy
First National Bank

Anna Sella
Sisterson & Co. LLP

Robert P. Trinkle
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Caroline Wise
Community Volunteer


Mia Siclari
Bridgeway Capital

Vice President
Samantha Kite, CPA

Kelli Bradford, CPA
Innovation Works


Marisa C. Williams
Chief Executive Officer

Harriet Riley
Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator

Interested in joining a group of lively young professionals who are making a difference in their own backyard? HEARTH’s Young Professionals Board may be the perfect fit for you. Our YPB is committed to raising awareness about HEARTH’s transitional housing program. They are committed to serving the women and children that benefit our program.

Vision: Every family and individual lives in safe, affordable housing.

Mission: To provide a range of supportive services and housing that empowers homeless families who are survivors of domestic violence or other trauma to become independent, self-sufficient and adequately housed; and to foster low income housing opportunities to prevent homelessness and encourage safe, affordable housing.

HEARTH Young Professionals Board Member Expectations

  1. Attendance at board meetings (participation as a policy maker and planner).
    • Attend 2/3 of the scheduled meetings.
    • Become well informed on all agenda items.
    • Contribute knowledge and express points of view based on experience.
    • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions, and help the board make group decisions reflecting the thinking of the total group.
    • Be willing to accept the majority decision even when you are in the minority.
  2. Attend 2/3 of the meetings of your committees, including ad hoc committees.
  3. Attend Young Professionals Board fundraising events and contribute to their success by selling tickets and soliciting/donating Silent Auction items.
  4. Assume leadership roles in agency fund-raising campaigns and events by raising a minimum of $500 – $1000 per year. This includes tickets and solicited items or sponsorships that come in on your behalf.
  5. Serve on an agency committee – Hops for HEARTH, The Art of Wine & Food, Purses with a Purpose, Tees & Traps, program, external relations
  6. Assume board leadership responsibilities as requested and as possible (such as committee chairperson, elected officer, etc.).
  7. Represent the agency at community events with organizations and with individuals.
  8. Be informed about the agency’s programs, policies, and services.
  9. Be informed about the needs of the community, society, and constituents.
  10. Evaluate the board’s performance on an annual basis.
  11. Evaluate your performance and commit to your board member responsibilities on a yearly basis.
  12. I will also try to assist the board by:
    • Referring names of potential board members.
    • Recruiting committee members.
    • Facilitating speaking engagements.